IT Works is an Albanian company specialized in information technology and database management & processing

The company’s mission is to empower students and young professionals, embracing and leading the technological advancement
of a growing economy. It is based on two pillars:

  • Solid theoretical knowledge – achieved by offering various courses and practical skill development
  • Economical advantage – achieved by collaboration with local ICT companies and outsourcing IT and data management services to the European market. The company is currently looking to develop its outsourcing branch and offer their services to the European market. We believe that the low labor costs in Albania combined with a high quality performance can create a positive synergy between IT Works and its European partners


A bit of background

The company has been operating since 2017 in Albania, offering courses and professional trainings to students and young professionals. The company has a solid reputation in the market, built on excellent quality of training by the best local experts. Currently, IT Works is looking to develop an outsourcing branch, via which European companies can have access to low price and high quality ICT and data services.


view of tirana
Tirana – Center of economic growth in Albania

The company is located in Tirana, the capital of Albania. A vibrant
city, Tirana is by far the most important economic center of the
country and home to some of the best universities of the region.
Given such, IT Works can choose from the best pool of local talent to
participate in the courses offered by the company.
The company has been offering professional trainings and courses in
the realm of information technology, data analysis & science and
accounting. The courses are designed and taught by some of the best
local experts, some of who are also distinguished academics. The
classes are usually comprised of university graduates who are looking
to expand their knowledge and acquire new skills. In addition, young
professionals looking to take the next step in their careers also choose
IT Works to boost their current skillset and stay relevant in a rapidly
changing market. Through a growing network, IT Works has
established sustainable cooperative relationships with many local

Given a growing pool of young talent being trained at the company, the
company management seeks to maximize value creation while also
creating an opportunity for the students to further develop their skills

More specifically, IT Works offers a wide range of services to
European companies in any industry that want to outsource
different processes, including data entry and cleaning, data
management and analysis, creating filters for specific commodities,
C++ coding projects and every other client-specific request within
this realm. IT works graduates conduct projects using Excel, Stata,
MySQL, PostregSQL, R and Python.

Competitive advantages

Albanian minimum wage up to 2019

 Low Labour Costs

– The labour costs in Albania are the lowest in Europe, with an
average wage of approximately 270 Euros for a full-time job.

Access to the Best Talent

– Based on a growing network also within universities in
Albania, the company can recruit the most talented staff, in
accordance with the clients requirements.

Great Infrastructure


– The company already has a building with an adequate space,

also equipped with computers and other necessary